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Boulder City Football & Sporting Club Inc.

Boulder City Football Club which was inaugurated in 1896 and won three of the first four premierships under captain P Constantine in 1896, 1898 and 1899.   Boulder City Football Club is the oldest country football club in Western Australia.  

Football 125 years ago was played by fearsome players.  The players' uniforms consisted of long pants, different coloured shirts, jumpers, hats and caps.  The main grounds were all gravel, Coronation, Launceston, Horsehoe Inn, Sou' West Boulder, Trafalgar and Kanowna.  All players used leather bars on the soles of their boots to stop slipping.  Gravel rash and bruising were the main injuries.  The team consistent of 18 players with no reserves.   Several Boulder players were selected for the Association side to travel to Victoria to play in the interstate carnival.  This Goldfields side defeated the Victorian state side.  The Boulder players travelled in those early days to Trafalgar and Kanowna by horse and trap, bicycle and kalamazoo.  In 1908 Bill Trewella captained the state side.  The Dowson, Riseberry and Youlden families were prominent around the Club in those days.  Jacky Moore, proprietor of the West Australian Block Hotel was the top ruckman from the area.  After one of those return trips by sulky from Kanowna, old-timers tell the story of the supporter who lost half his wooden leg as it had been dragging on the sulky wheel on the way home. 

In the beginning
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